Your Dove of Love
White Dove Release
Serving North San Diego County Since 1975
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Our Doves are actually white homing pigeons. Doves do

not have the homing instinct. White homers are called Doves.

Pigeons choose one mate for life. Celebrate your nuptials with a sign of

love and fidelity by releasing our birds at your wedding.

If your wedding is indoors, we release at the doorstep when you and your

guests exit the building. If you wed outdoors, you choose the moment of

the release.

A Display of 2 Doves in a White cage                

1 Bird Release                                                        

2 Bird Release                                                            

3 Bird Release                                                         

20 Bird Release                                                         

20 Bird Release plus Double Toss or Display Cage 

$100.00 due at booking, balance due in full 2 weeks prior to your event.

Service Area, North San Diego County.

$30.00 extra for distances beyond 30 miles.

Every event is unique. We will be happy to customize a release to fit your


We use decorated white heart shaped wicker baskets that hold from 1-4

birds or you may do a hand release. For the large releases, we use a

pretty white crate.


John and Judi Downey
760 439-8649               johnsdoves@aol.commailto:johnsdoves@aol.comshapeimage_26_link_0







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